Struct servo::browser::Browser[][src]

pub struct Browser<Window: WindowPortsMethods + ?Sized> {
    current_url: Option<ServoUrl>,
    browser_id: Option<BrowserId>,
    browsers: Vec<BrowserId>,
    title: Option<String>,
    window: Rc<Window>,
    event_queue: Vec<WindowEvent>,
    clipboard_ctx: Option<ClipboardContext>,
    shutdown_requested: bool,


current_url: Option<ServoUrl>browser_id: Option<BrowserId>

id of the top level browsing context. It is unique as tabs are not supported yet. None until created.

browsers: Vec<BrowserId>title: Option<String>window: Rc<Window>event_queue: Vec<WindowEvent>clipboard_ctx: Option<ClipboardContext>shutdown_requested: bool


impl<Window: ?Sized> Browser<Window> where
    Window: WindowPortsMethods

pub fn new(window: Rc<Window>) -> Browser<Window>[src]

pub fn get_events(&mut self) -> Vec<WindowEvent>[src]

pub fn handle_window_events(&mut self, events: Vec<WindowEvent>)[src]

pub fn shutdown_requested(&self) -> bool[src]

fn handle_key_from_window(&mut self, key_event: KeyboardEvent)[src]

Handle key events before sending them to Servo.

fn platform_handle_key(&mut self, key_event: KeyboardEvent)[src]

fn handle_key_from_servo(&mut self, _: Option<BrowserId>, event: KeyboardEvent)[src]

Handle key events after they have been handled by Servo.

fn scroll_window_from_key(
    &mut self,
    scroll_location: ScrollLocation,
    phase: TouchEventType

pub fn handle_servo_events(
    &mut self,
    events: Vec<(Option<BrowserId>, EmbedderMsg)>

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Window> !RefUnwindSafe for Browser<Window>

impl<Window> !Send for Browser<Window>

impl<Window> !Sync for Browser<Window>

impl<Window: ?Sized> Unpin for Browser<Window>

impl<Window> !UnwindSafe for Browser<Window>

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