Function serde::lib::core::fs::soft_link

1.0.0 · source · []
pub fn soft_link<P, Q>(original: P, link: Q) -> Result<(), Error> where
    P: AsRef<Path>,
    Q: AsRef<Path>, 
👎 Deprecated since 1.1.0:

replaced with std::os::unix::fs::symlink and std::os::windows::fs::{symlink_file, symlink_dir}

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Creates a new symbolic link on the filesystem.

The link path will be a symbolic link pointing to the original path. On Windows, this will be a file symlink, not a directory symlink; for this reason, the platform-specific std::os::unix::fs::symlink and std::os::windows::fs::symlink_file or symlink_dir should be used instead to make the intent explicit.


use std::fs;

fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    fs::soft_link("a.txt", "b.txt")?;