Module openssl::asn1

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Defines the format of certificates

This module is used by x509 and other certificate building functions to describe time, strings, and objects.

Abstract Syntax Notation One is an interface description language. The specification comes from X.208 by OSI, and rewritten in X.680. ASN.1 describes properties of an object with a type set. Those types can be atomic, structured, choice, and other (CHOICE and ANY). These types are expressed as a number and the assignment operator ::= gives the type a name.

The implementation here provides a subset of the ASN.1 types that OpenSSL uses, especially in the properties of a certificate used in HTTPS.


use openssl::asn1::Asn1Time;
let tomorrow = Asn1Time::days_from_now(1);


Sequence of bytes
Non-UTC representation of time
Numeric representation
A reference to an Asn1Integer.
Object Identifier
A reference to an Asn1Object.
Primary ASN.1 type used by OpenSSL
A reference to an Asn1String.
Time storage and comparison
Reference to an Asn1Time
The type of an ASN.1 value.
Difference between two ASN1 times.