Module msg::constellation_msg

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The high-level interface from script to constellation. Using this abstract interface helps reduce coupling between these two components.



Info related to the activity of an hanging component.
A per-process unique pipeline-namespace-installer. Accessible via PipelineNamespace.
Each pipeline ID needs to be unique. However, it also needs to be possible to generate the pipeline ID from an iframe element (this simplifies a lot of other code that makes use of pipeline IDs).
A per-process installer of pipeline-namespaces.
Request a pipeline-namespace id from the constellation.


Messages to control the sampling profiler.
Hang-alerts are sent by the monitor to the constellation.
Hang-alerts are sent by the monitor to the constellation.
The equivalent of script_layout_interface::message::Msg
The equivalent of script::script_runtime::ScriptEventCategory



Proxy methods to communicate with the background hang monitor
A means for the BHM to signal a monitored component to exit. Useful when the component is hanging, and cannot be notified via the usual way. The component should implement this in a way allowing for the signal to be received when hanging, if at all.
A handle to register components for hang monitoring, and to receive a means to communicate with the underlying hang monitor worker.