Enum compositing::windowing::WindowEvent[][src]

pub enum WindowEvent {
Show 29 variants Idle, Refresh, Resize, AllowNavigationResponse(PipelineIdbool), LoadUrl(TopLevelBrowsingContextIdServoUrl), MouseWindowEventClass(MouseWindowEvent), MouseWindowMoveEventClass(DevicePoint), Touch(TouchEventTypeTouchIdDevicePoint), Wheel(WheelDeltaDevicePoint), Scroll(ScrollLocationDeviceIntPointTouchEventType), Zoom(f32), PinchZoom(f32), ResetZoom, Navigation(TopLevelBrowsingContextIdTraversalDirection), Quit, ExitFullScreen(TopLevelBrowsingContextId), Keyboard(KeyboardEvent), Reload(TopLevelBrowsingContextId), NewBrowser(ServoUrlTopLevelBrowsingContextId), CloseBrowser(TopLevelBrowsingContextId), SendError(Option<TopLevelBrowsingContextId>, String), SelectBrowser(TopLevelBrowsingContextId), ToggleWebRenderDebug(WebRenderDebugOption), CaptureWebRender, ClearCache, ToggleSamplingProfiler(DurationDuration), MediaSessionAction(MediaSessionActionType), ChangeBrowserVisibility(TopLevelBrowsingContextIdbool), IMEDismissed,
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Events that the windowing system sends to Servo.



Sent when no message has arrived, but the event loop was kicked for some reason (perhaps by another Servo subsystem).

FIXME(pcwalton): This is kind of ugly and may not work well with multiprocess Servo. It’s possible that this should be something like CompositorMessageWindowEvent(compositor_thread::Msg) instead.


Sent when part of the window is marked dirty and needs to be redrawn. Before sending this message, the window must make the same GL context as in PrepareRenderingEvent current.


Sent when the window is resized.


Sent when a navigation request from script is allowed/refused.

Tuple Fields of AllowNavigationResponse

0: PipelineId1: bool

Sent when a new URL is to be loaded.

Tuple Fields of LoadUrl

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId1: ServoUrl

Sent when a mouse hit test is to be performed.

Tuple Fields of MouseWindowEventClass

0: MouseWindowEvent

Sent when a mouse move.

Tuple Fields of MouseWindowMoveEventClass

0: DevicePoint

Touch event: type, identifier, point

Tuple Fields of Touch

0: TouchEventType1: TouchId2: DevicePoint

Sent when user moves the mouse wheel.

Tuple Fields of Wheel

0: WheelDelta1: DevicePoint

Sent when the user scrolls. The first point is the delta and the second point is the origin.

Tuple Fields of Scroll

0: ScrollLocation1: DeviceIntPoint2: TouchEventType

Sent when the user zooms.

Tuple Fields of Zoom

0: f32

Simulated “pinch zoom” gesture for non-touch platforms (e.g. ctrl-scrollwheel).

Tuple Fields of PinchZoom

0: f32

Sent when the user resets zoom to default.


Sent when the user uses chrome navigation (i.e. backspace or shift-backspace).

Tuple Fields of Navigation

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId1: TraversalDirection

Sent when the user quits the application


Sent when the user exits from fullscreen mode

Tuple Fields of ExitFullScreen

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId

Sent when a key input state changes

Tuple Fields of Keyboard

0: KeyboardEvent

Sent when Ctr+R/Apple+R is called to reload the current page.

Tuple Fields of Reload

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId

Create a new top level browsing context

Tuple Fields of NewBrowser

0: ServoUrl1: TopLevelBrowsingContextId

Close a top level browsing context

Tuple Fields of CloseBrowser

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId
SendError(Option<TopLevelBrowsingContextId>, String)

Panic a top level browsing context.

Tuple Fields of SendError

0: Option<TopLevelBrowsingContextId>1: String

Make a top level browsing context visible, hiding the previous visible one.

Tuple Fields of SelectBrowser

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId

Toggles a debug flag in WebRender

Tuple Fields of ToggleWebRenderDebug

0: WebRenderDebugOption

Capture current WebRender


Clear the network cache.


Toggle sampling profiler with the given sampling rate and max duration.

Tuple Fields of ToggleSamplingProfiler

0: Duration1: Duration

Sent when the user triggers a media action through the UA exposed media UI (play, pause, seek, etc.).

Tuple Fields of MediaSessionAction

0: MediaSessionActionType

Set browser visibility. A hidden browser will not tick the animations.

Tuple Fields of ChangeBrowserVisibility

0: TopLevelBrowsingContextId1: bool

Virtual keyboard was dismissed

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